We are Surface by Steela.

Surface by Steela came about when its founders were renovating their family home. With their first child on the way, they wanted beautiful surfaces that felt luxurious but that were durable and would stand the test of time and would not be harmful to the environment. In particular, they loved the look of natural stone on benchtops and flooring, but did not want to be precious with it when cooking family meals or entertaining and they were not comfortable knowing that these surfaces were sourced from marble quarries. Whilst they wanted to use marble, it is porous and often expensive to source. They considered quartz surfaces but found that there were limited design choices that did not reflect the beauty of natural stone and had also been flagged for safety concerns around the world. In their search for another solution they came across porcelain surfaces which have been widely used for many years in Europe. These surfaces look and feel like natural stone such as marble, whilst being non-porous, heat, scratch and UV resistant. A blend of natural minerals including quartz, feldspar and clay to create a surface known for its sleek finish and durability. Surface by Steela is created by replicating millions of years of the earth’s metamorphic processes. By binding natural minerals through intense heat and pressure, we create a sustainable, aesthetic surface that lasts.

Finally, a surface that was made to make memories.

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